Practice makes a difference NOT perfection

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Practice Makes Perfect?.”

Whoever said those words had there own specific goals. But who’s to say what perfect really is? My point is that my perfect idea of a body is not the same as the next persons.

To achieve your idea of perfection definitely takes an understanding of program design. Something that I’m still in the process of learning. Someone once told me “Everyone’s a guinea pig for the first three months”. He meant you have to learn what works for different people, their goal, body shape and a million other factors.

Well, the goal is too practice program design until Im up to par. Shouldn’t take long, hopefully…. Wanna be my guinea pig? Just kidding!

Enjoy, live life, get fit!
Desert Life


Run Thru Life


I’ll say it. I’m broke. I’m another one of those 20 something year olds, trying to find there way in life, while just making the rent and surviving on the healthier version of ramen noodles. So that means I can’t afford the gym, or obstacle races, 5ks, or anything else in life.
Well this month I’m sacrificing, because I am running in a 5k this year. They usually have sales during holidays or early bird specials. Yay! I can save a few bucks or $50. The point is get out and splurge on something other than doughnuts or the adorable dress at Bebe’s. (Am I really the only who shops there?)

Below, I’ve included some pretty cool obstacle course races and 5k’s that are going on this year. They travel cross country, so look them up for one near you.


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