Happy September!!


Hello loves! This month marks my one year anniversary living in Arizona. Woohoo! I can’t believe I stayed out here this long. I flew out here with my son, 2 suitcases, a duffel bag and 200 dollars in my pocket. To think I’ve come along this far should be enough motivation to help me move onto the next goal.

This month I’d like to celebrate by jumping back into gear with a 30 day challenge! Its been a few month, I’ll admit, since I’ve done some hard core sweating.

Of course, these challenges won’t give you that perfect supermodel body. They will help you form a great habit of exercising. Don’t stop there! Once the 30 days are up, find other exercises to add to your regimen or find a gym. Keep going!!!

There are a ton of challenges. I picked one off of Pinterest. 30 Day Beachbody. Sometimes all you need is a boost in the right direction! I’ve also included a link to the mother load of challenges! Check Me Out!


Its a new month! Its a new day! Try something different. What do you have to lose?!! Fat?? Low energy? Illness?

Enjoy, live well, get fit!

Desert Life


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